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Wire Bender


The utilization of machine including bending extruded shapes, square and rectangular tubes, pipe,, and channels.


Wire Bender


Powerful Processing Setting

  • All-electric control system, each axis offers 99 speeds to get well adjustment.
  • Auto-feeding, De-Coiler has alert and auto stop function when running out of material.
  • Feeding speed is adjustable.


Comprehensive Safety Protection / Error Warning

  • In manual operating mode, system equips with "error warning" function to avoid the damage of machine due to the artificial mistakes.
  • System indicates the apecific abnormal section on the screen for users' analysis and reduces the turn around time of machine.


Control system

  • PC-Based Control system features the best flexibility instead of conventional PLC control system.
  • Industrial grade computer assorted with 17" touch screen, a high capacity hard drive, dual-core Intel 2.0G CPU, DDR2 2,048MB or abrove memory bring the friendly operating experience.


All-Electric / Operation mode

Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual
Motions driven by 3 axes
Manual servo control
Present single cycle time
Total, present, count-down quantity function
Spec / Model HC-3DR100
Wire Diameter Low carbon ø3.0 x 10.0 mm
Medium carbon ø3.0 x 7.0 mm
Max. Feeding Speed 74 m/min
Total Power 16.5 KW
3 axes servo motor Feeding 5.5 KW 1500rpm
Bending 5.5 KW 1500rpm
Rotating 5.5 KW 1500rpm
Rotating Angle
Bending Angle ±180°
Air Pressure 8 kg/cm²
Dimension 2,830 x 1,470 x 1,850 mm
Weight 2,745 Kgs