CNC Series

Left & Right Bending

The utilization of machine including bending extruded shapes, square and rectangular tubes, pipe,, and channels.


Left & Right Bending

Max. Tube O.D.: ø50.8(O.D) x 2.5(W.T.)mm
Max. Bending Radius: 200mm

All Electric-Servo Control(11 Axes)

High programmable bending sequence can be driven through all-electric with 11 axes.

Low Noise
Low Pollution
High Accuracy
Abnormal Section Notification
Oil temperature effect free

Right-hand & Left-hand Bending in "One" process

Complex parts including right & left direction bending can be achieved during 1 process with highly precise performance.

Auto Tooling Positioning Function

Clamp/Pressure die are positioned automatically via smart control.

Safety Protection


  • Fool-proof Function:
    Improper operation notification to prevent the machine from the damage.
  • Comprehensive Safety Mechanisms:
    Proximity sensors and Safety plates are set around the machine working zone to keep workers safe.


Spec / Model HC-500LRS-NSM
Max. O.D. * W.T. Mild Steel (mm) ø50.8 x 2.5t
Max. CLR 200 mm
Standard Mandrel Length 2500 mm
Max. Bending Anglr Range 190°
Electric-Servo Speed Feeding (mm/sec) 1000 mm
Rotation (degree/sec) 200°
Bendinf (degree/sec) 110°
Electric-Servo Accuracy Feeding (mm/sec) 0.05 mm
Rotation (degree/sec) 0.05°
Bending (degree) 0.05°
Max. Radius Difference 60 mm
Horse Power 55.1 HP
Dimension 5200 x 1600 x 1900 mm
Weight 5,000 kgs
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PC-Based Control

  • 3D tube profile can be shown immediately when editing YBC program to help users.
  • Under Auto mod, 3D tube graphic indicates current bending section by different color block.
  • 3D Bending Process Simulation(Optional) directs bending process in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.
3D Bending Process Simulation (Optional)
3D Tube Simulation

sBend Software (HJ Development)

  • Fast Workpiece Parameter Acquisition:
    .dxf / .step files can be converted to Y.B.C data.
  • 3D Workpiece Preview:
    Read-time 3D workpiece preview is acquired while Y.B.C data is programming.
  • 3D Bending Simulation:
    Workpiece bending process can be previewed and verified in advance to prevent the waste.