NC Series

HQ Series

The utilization of machine including bending extruded shapes, square and rectangular tubes, pipe,, and channels.


HQ Series

Max. Tube O.D.: ø101.6(O.D) x 5.0(W.T.)mm
Max. Bending Radius: 500mm

Figure-touched interface


  • Figure-touched interface – simply touch the corresponding figures & words to proceed the operation.
  • The panel displays the movement situation of the machine and bending angle.


The characters of Controller


  • Operation Mode manual, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, program input and modification.
  • Control-axis Bending axis C
  • Max. Bends / per program : 16 Bends.
  • Max. Memorized Programs : 200 sets.
  • Action setting workload counter, mandrel on/ mandrel off option, Pressure die booster function, slow mandrel-backward function / special equipment.




  • Pressure die booster is controlled by individual hydraulic cylinder that enhances the processing stabilization.
  • The quick tooling change system is favor of production.


Modularized design


  • Modularized design on circuit, easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Auto detective and error movement indicating functions prevent machine from being damaged by wrong operation.


Multi-protection design


  • Mobile pedal switch and side emergency stop switch keep users from dangers.
  • Code protection function guards the program and process data.
  • Overload protection of main motor, monitoring of mechanical, anti-unreasonable operation.


Spec / Model HQ-1000NCAD
Max. Tube O.D. & W.T. (O.D. x t) Mild Steel (mm) ø101.6 x 5.0t
Stainless Steel (mm) ø90.0 x 3.5t
Rectangle Pipe (mm) □90.0 x 3.0t
Max. Draw Bending Radius (mm) 500
Max. Bending Angle (degree) 210°
Per 90° Speed/Sec 13
Bending Accuracy ±0.1
Max. Effective Distance of Mandrel(mm) 3000
Horse Power 30HP
Machine Size (L x W x H)(m) 4.7 x 1.6 x 1.4 mm
Machine Weight (kgs) 5000
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