CNC Series

Hybrid Series

The utilization of machine including bending extruded shapes, square and rectangular tubes, pipe,, and channels.


Hybrid Series

Max. Tube O.D.: ø76.2(O.D) x 3.0(W.T.)mm
Max. Bending Radius: 350mm

Mechanical Design


  • Machine's design is based on dynamic mechanical analysis to offer reliable performance.
  • Compact bend head & arm minimize the possible interferences.
  • Climbing clamp design enables sufficient space to execute bending efficiently.
  • Quick tooling changeover shortens set up time and comforts users.
  • Individual electrical cabinet is mounted separately from the machine to prevent the affection of vibration.


Optimized & Flexible Bending Setting

The electrical cabinet is a modular design and is separately mounted from the machine to prevent being affected by machine vibration.
The electrical cabinet is equipped with an air conditioner to keep at a constant temperature.


  • Operation mode: Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully-Auto, Single-Bend.
  • User friendly interface with 17"touch screen / icon display.
  • Positions of each axis and bending angle are numerically shown in the screen.
  • Each axis has 9 main speed with 10 fine-tune speed to satisfy various applications.
  • The individual motion can be set as requests during the bend cycle, such like Mandrel(on/off), 2-steps MDR retraction, boost function.
  • Teach / Process function, any motions can be customized to successfully return the bend-arm to initial position.
  • Overall lendth recommendation, the system calculates the necessary length automatically when Y.B.C data has been set.
  • Total, present, count-down functions are available in the workload counter.
  • Automatic display of cycle time of X.Y.Z-coordinate can be converted to Y.B.C axis.


Spec / Model HC-800R2-4SM
Max. Tube O.D. & W.T. (O.D. x t) Mild Steel (mm) ø76.2 x 3.0
Stainless Steel (mm) ø65 x 2.5
Square Steel (mm) □63 x 3.0
Max. Draw Bending Radius (Max. R)(mm) 350
Push Bending Radius *Min. (mm) 7D~10D
Max. (mm)
Max. Bending Radius Difference R1-R2 70 mm
Max. Bending Angle (degree) 190°
Max. effective mandrel length (mm) 3500 mm
Servor Motor speed Feeding (mm/sec) 750 mm
Rotation (degree/sec) 180°
Bending (degree/sec) 65°
Servo Motor Accuracy Feeding (mm) 0.05 mm
Rotation (degree) 0.05°
Bending (degree) 0.05°
Hydraulic Total Power (HP) 15 HP
Total Power (HP) 45 HP
Default / Max. pressure (kgf/cm2) 100 / 140
Dimension of machine (L x W x H)(mm) 6300 x 2150 x 1700 mm
Weight of machine (kgs) 8,000 kgs

*Min. push bending radius(mm) : it’s subject to tube O.D, W.T, tube material..etc.

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3D Bending Process Simulation (Optional)

  • 3D tube profile can be shown immediately when editing YBC program to help users.
  • Under Auto mod, 3D tube graphic indicates current bending section by different color block.
  • 3D Bending Process Simulation(Optional) directs bending process in advance to avoid unnecessary waste.
3D Bending Process Simulation (Optional)
3D Tube Simulation
Y.B.C-axis Page
Parameter Setting Page
Manual Mode
Fully Auto. Mode
Open File Page